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Fire District Commissioners




   The Linda Fire Protection District has an elected Board of three Fire Commissioners. As elected officials, the Commissioners serve as the representatives of the citizens who live in the District. The Commissioners serve four year terms and are responsible for making certain the fire District is meeting the needs of those we serve. The Fire Chief is the Chief Administrative Officer of the District and makes the day-to-day operational decisions, but it is the Board’s responsibility to oversee the larger district considerations. These include:


  • To ensure District staff complies with applicable State and Federal mandates.

  • Define critical issues.

  • Develop a mission statement.

  • Develop a Strategic Plan to serve the District's mission.

  • Steward District property-asset preservation.

  • Adopt an annual budget.

  • Steward the District's finances and affairs.

  • Monitor progress towards reaching established goals.

  • Develop policies which:

    • Define responsibilities and eliminate ambiguities

    • Give appropriate authority to staff members

    • Provide organizational direction and guidance

    • Insures that District business is conducted in compliance with applicable laws, statutes, regulations, codes, etc.

  • Develop a list of qualifications, job description and evaluation process for the Fire Chief.



The three current Commissioners are:


James Brannon (Elected in 2006)

Glen Weldon (Elected in 2008)

Bobby Shinn (Elected in 2008)



The Board of Commissioners hold a meeting every second Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m., which is open to the public, at Station 1. The agenda for the meeting is posted at various locations in the District as well as Stations 1 and 3 on the Monday prior to the meeting.

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