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All Personnel



Chief Officers


Chief 250:  Kyle Heggstrom Joined Date:  6-8-2001

Battalion Chief 252:  Bobby Gardner  Joined Date:  10-2-1995


Administrative Assistants

Kristen Ballantine  Joined Date:   9-15-2018

Kristen Adams Joined Date: 11-1-2022



Capt. 254:  Aaron White  Joined Date: 3-17-2003  

Capt. 255:  Josh Childers Joined Date:  6-28-2005

Capt. 256:  Craig Rasmussen  Joined Date:  2-27-2003 




Billy Gardner  Joined Date: 12-2-1993 

Scott Simeroth  Joined Date: 5-5-1996

Alto (Toby) Price  Joined Date: 8-4-1998 

Jimmy Mote  Joined Date: 10-21-2006

Trevor Bolton  Joined Date:  12-1-2015

Jake Leonard Joined Date:   6-1-2019



Eddie Bolton  Joined Date: 1-21-1999

Eliacer (Chey) Gonzalez  Joined Date: 6-16-2008

Steve Dobbs  Joined Date: 3-1-2011

Hannah Parnell  Joined Date:  12-1-2015

Bryce Thornton Joined Date:   6-1-2018

Andy Jasken Joined Date:   4-22-2019

James Schnitzius Joined Date:   6-1-2019

Felipe Silva Joined Date: 11-1-2019

Phill Waite Joined Date: 12-29-2020

Triston Montoya Joined Date: 1-19-2021

Abraham Miranda Joined Date: 2-13-2021

Alex Kiick Joined Date: 6-24-2021

Mark Maguire Joined Date: 7-14-2021

Bradley Alves Joined Date: 11-24-2021

Gary Clark Joined Date: 11-30-2021

Andrew Flores  Joined Date:  9-17-2020

Kyle Kendall  Joined Date:  11-4-2021

Logan Thomas  Joined Date:  4-8-2022

Christian Lee Joined Date: 01-25-2022

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