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Linda Fireman's Association


The Linda Fireman's Association was formed in January of 1951.  The Association has grown from a social club to a strong local charitable organization.  The Association's stated objective is the promotion and protection of the best interests of the firefighters and their families, the Yuba-Sutter community and the Linda Fire Protection District.  Association membership is composed of active members of the Linda Fire Protection District, retired LFPD members and the Fire Commissioners.


​Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month beginning at 8:00p.m. at Station 1.


We have two main fundraisers: 

  • Fireworks sales in July (in the Popeye's parking lot by Walmart)
  • Christmas tree sales in December (at Station 1).

The proceeds from these events are used for charity donations throughout the year. 


Over the years, the association has donated to:

  • School programs such as sports teams, bands, Shady Creek trips, FFA and many more at our local elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Community and charity organizations such as the Cancer Society, Foster care, Shriners, T.I.P., Firefighters Burn Institute, little league and many others both local and national.
  • Individual Students for sports teams, field trips and other fundraisers.

Requests for donations are best made in person at the monthly meetings.

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